Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aki's 3rd Christmas

Aki celebrated his third Christmas and as always, we spent in it my parents place in Cebu City. I'm lucky to have a child who wont get sick after a long travel.

Anyway, he was awake during Christmas Eve and was very playful when we opened the gifts. Since he is a toddler, he is also in the festive mood like anyone else.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

He is 2!

Time flies like an's a cliche but I guess its true...

I cant imagine that it was two years ago that I was anxious to deliver my unborn child and a year ago when he took his first step. I know this is coming but seeing him so active during his small party, it sank to my senses that my son is now growing up to be a little boy.
He is very active nowadays and less dependent; he can do many things on his own.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Certified Water Baby!

He just love the water! Even if big waves are splashing, he is not scared. In fact, he found it funnier to feel waves against him. In a pool, he likes the water to reach his neck as if he is floating. He is trying to swim and we are teaching his little by little how to swim. Someday, he will just learn how to swim naturally.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Living With a Toddler

A toddler in a house will surely make you sweat. they are no longer satisfied with a simple smile or funny faces; they want you to run with them and run across the room. Their laughters and giggles can literally steal any show. With my son, Aki celebrating his 2nd birthday in a few weeks; it is just funny to see how time flies like an arrow.

He may not be that easy to control since he is now gaining his own attitude and preferences. I let him have his way sometimes so when Mama says "no", it is really a no. I dont know what likes ahead of my toddler but I just want to enjoy his toddler years and smell his baby scent.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Traveling with a Child

My son is a natural-born traveler and I hope that he will be a globetrotter or host a traveling show when he grows up. While pregnant, I travelled twice to Japan and he was just a month old when we traveled at sea to visit my husband's family.
Since then, he has been traveling by sea, land and air--he is a well-traveled baby. Maybe he is used to it already that he is such an angel during our trips and will not get sick like most babies.
Babies are also known to be very grumpy in new environment; they are anxious of the unfamiliar bed and the whole place itself. How do I keep my baby happy and myself sane during our trips? Simple, bring something that your baby is familiar with or at least reminds him of home. Here are the two things that I have to include in our luggage.
1. His favorite toy. Just skip the bulky ones, you can put his favorite stuffed toy or small car. When he throws a tantrum, hand the toy to him to make him feel calm and happy too.
2. Parents may notice that children can't sleep well during vacations specially during the first night. I make sure that I bring his "blankie" and most babies cling to their blanket. This is their security blanket and no matter how smelly it is, I make sure that I will not forget to pack his blankie.
It's best to gradually let your child travel to make him familiarize with the concept of leaving your house for a long time. Traveling is a great time to spend time with your child, away from the daily pressure of work. Utilize travel to bond with you lovely angel and enjoy your holidays.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

beach bum

Aki is a water baby..He loves water so much, whenever he sees water from swimming pools to our sink, he is tempted to play with it.

This picture was taken in Guimaras Island for the Holy week. Guimaras Island is know for its sweet mangoes and fresh air. People visit Guimaras for its secluded beach resorts totally in contrast with BOracay. It is also home to outdoor activities like Air SOft, War Games, wall climbing and other outdoor activities.

To reach the island, take a boat ride from Iloilo City. the ride would take 30 minutes and there are jeepneys that you can ride or rent. Tourists are not allowed to bring in mangoes to preserve their own varity. before going back home, pay a visit to the Trapist Monastery. you can buy jams and other products which are made from all natural ingredients...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Of Nappies and Kisses

I love kids and I always will. Pregrnacy came to early though I was expecting to experience it. And after a year and a half and investing in diapers and formula milk, my precious one is now an adventurer. I can't imagine myself without Akira- my love and my life.

When I was single, I was struggling to achieve something. To make my parents proud and my friends envy. I tried and for a short time I got it. I was teaching English in Japan, had my own apartment and bought Chanel lipstick like buying a frappe latte in Starbucks. Then, he came. All my long term plans were twisted.

I dont want to divulge much of what happened in between but what matters most is the present. I tried to be a working mom but realized good nannies are harder to find than responsible husband. I quit and decided to stay home. I realized how much I missed my son. I missed his infancy, his mumbling of words and his sweet smell.

Do I have to look back? I need to move forward for my Akira wants me too. He wants me to be alwasy there for him. To giggle with him and give in when he has tantrums. Oh, I love my job and I'm just thankful that God gave me a comfortable life.